Us – a mass movement event

On Thursday 1st October 2020, over 50 Nelsonians took to the streets in mesmerising unity.

Crafted by choreographer Chloe Loftus for the Nelson Arts Festival, ‘Us’ is a processional mass movement event, a long line of community in unison, weaving through the city and its galleries. This event is a celebration of the unique heart and soul of this city – its people. Drawing inspiration from Pina Bausch’s ‘lines’, this serene and symbolic mass movement happening is a reminder of the power of community. ‘Us’ brings a joyful sense of connection, to each other and this city.

‘Us’ will be recreated for the Wanaka Community for Festival of Colour 2021.

You can watch highlights of the Nelson event here.If you’d like a mass movement event such as ‘Us’ at your festival, contact Chloe Loftus Dance.

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